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About Leven Miniatures

We are an independent (one-man and sometimes his son) operation based in the UK producing resin cast models in 6mm (1:285 - 1:300 scale) for the wargaming hobbyist.

Models are hand crafted from whatever materials are available at the time, and the results are cast in either polyester or polyurethane resins.

Each model is individually hand made to the highest possible standard I can come up with, however, please note these models are by no means perfect, and some level of minor touching up may be necessary, it should also be remembered that polyester resin is a brittle and delicate material when thicknesses are at their minimum, therefore, I cannot guarantee that all thin or small parts will remain in place.

Models are supplied unpainted, just as they came out of the moulds, with the exception that the bases have been sanded flat where necessary.

Release agents are only used on the underside of larger models where they have been hollowed out to reduce weight.