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ACW 6mm Iconic buildings from the American Civil War

6mm American Clapboard House

ACW01 - Colonial Clapboard House

dims: length 45mm : depth 25mm : height 35mm

A typical American Civil War era horizontal timber clad house with external stone chimneys and tiled effect roofing.

£2.75 each
6mm Saw Mill Shed

ACW02 - Saw Mill Shed

dims: length 35mm : depth 30mm : height 32mm

A timber clad shack with timber plank roofing. This unit could also be used for WW2, British or Eastern European scenarios.

£2.75 each
6mm Smithy's Forge

ACW03 - Blacksmith's Forge

dims: length 40mm : depth 25mm : height 26mm

Timber clad walls with tile effect roofing and external stone effect chimney. Large double doors at front.

£2.75 each
6mm Timber Church

ACW04 - Timber Church

dims: length 67mm : depth 30mm : height 58mm

Horizontal timber clad church with tile effect roofing to main roof and spire. Tower windows have a slat effect and all other windows are blank for user to finish.

£3.75 each
6mm Shotgun Shack

ACW05 - Shotgun Shack

dims: length 52mm : depth 22mm : height 25mm

A small horizontal timber planking shotgun shack with brick base & tile effect roofing. Has two round chimneys and timber effect front porch.

£2.75 each
6mm Blockhouse

ACW06 - Blockhouse

dims: length 32mm : depth 32mm : height 32mm

A simple timber planking blockhouse with timber effect roofing. Door on one side only, remaining walls have small windows on lower and upper floor.

£2.75 each
6mm Timber Shack

ACW07 - Timber Shack

dims: length 49mm : depth 30mm : height 35mm

Timber shack with timber effect roofing and timber plank effect canopy over left unit door.

£2.75 each
6mm Timber Shack

ACW08 - Timber Shack

dims: length 30mm : depth 30mm : height 25mm

Raised effect timber plank shack. Corrugated sheet roofing and rough corrugated 'lean-to' entrance on side with steps. This model would also look at home in a jungle setting.

£2.75 each
6mm Lutheran Seminary

ACW09 - Lutheran Seminary

dims: length 80mm : depth 35mm : height 51mm

A simplified representation of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg. Brick effect cladding with tile roofing and brick chimneys.

£6.00 each
6mm Cemetery Hill Gatehouse

ACW10 - Cemetery Hill Gatehouse

dims: length 60mm : depth 24mm : height 35mm

A brick clad model of the iconic Evergreen Cemetery Gateway, Gettysburg.

£3.25 each
6mm Codori Farmhouse

ACW11 - Codori Farmhouse

dims: length 40mm : depth 38mm : height 35mm

Owned by Nicholas Codori, the farm is sited south of Gettysburg and saw major action during the Civil War. Brick clad model with tiled roofing and brick chimneys.

£3.00 each
6mm Codori Bank Barn

ACW12 - Codori Bank Barn

dims: length 82mm : depth 38mm : height 50mm

This rather large brick & timber barn has tile/shingle roofing. The model does not include a banked ramp as the barn doors opened onto a road but if one is required, I'm sure I can find one that can be modified to fit. If you require a ramp, please request one by email after ordering.

£5.00 each
6mm Codori Carriage Barn

ACW13 - Codori Carriage Barn

dims: length 42mm : depth 30mm : height 30mm

A timber clad carriage barn with shingle roofing. The side facing the road has double doors the other, facing the field has a plain opening.

£3.00 each
6mm Trostle Bank Barn

ACW14 - Trostle Bank Barn

dims: length 85mm : depth 45mm : height 43mm

A large brick & timber Pensylvania style bank barn with tile/shingle roofing and wagon shed addition. This model includes a banked ramp to main doors.

£5.00 each
6mm Trostle Farmhouse

ACW15 - Trostle Farmhouse

dims: length 48mm : depth 36mm : height 35mm

The Trostle farm was just west of a narrow stream called Plum Run, south of Gettysburg. It was occupied by Major General Daniel Sickles during the battle as his HQ.
This timber clad farmhouse has tile/shingle roofing and brick chimneys.

£3.25 each
6mm McPherson Bank Barn

ACW16 - McPherson's Barn

dims: length 68mm : depth 60mm : height 42mm

The scene of fierce fighting on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the barn was used as a field hospital during and after the fighting. This large brick & timber barn model has tile/shingle roofing and includes a banked ramp to the main double doors.

£5.00 each
6mm Leister House

ACW17 - Leister House

dims: length 42mm : depth 30mm : height 28mm

Situated at an intersection and owned by Lydia Leister, this farm was used by General Meade as the Federal HQ at Cemetery Ridge, Gettysburg. This timber clad farmhouse has shingle style roofing and a brick chimney.

£3.00 each
6mm Leister Barn

ACW18 - Leister Barn

dims: length 62mm : depth 30mm : height 30mm

Small vertical timber plank clad barn with shingle style roofing.

£3.25 each
6mm Rose Farmhouse

ACW19 - Rose Farmhouse

dims: length 60mm : depth 38mm : height 34mm

A stone effect model with tile/shingle roofing and brick chimneys. - Rose farm is situated near three major Gettysburg battlefield landmarks, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, and Devil's Den. The farm was taken by Confederates Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw after routing the Federals from the property on July 2nd 1863.

£3.25 each
6mm Lee & Gordon's Mill

ACW20a - Lee & Gordon's Mill

dims: length 43mm : depth 28mm : height 35mm

This model has timber effect walls and tile roofing. - Sited on the banks of Chickamauga Creek, the mill was used as the Confederate field hospital during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

£3.00 each
6mm Lee & Gordon's Mill Shed

ACW20b - Lee & Gordon's Mill Shed

dims: length 50mm : depth 22mm : height 23mm

Situated at the rear of Lee & Gordon's Mill was this open mill shed, with timber post supports and tiled roofing.

£2.75 each
6mm Henry House

ACW21 - Henry House

dims: length 43mm : depth 34mm : height 35mm

One of the most famous landmarks of the Civil War, sited along Bull Run stream, Isaac Henry's house is depicted here in horizontal timber siding with shingle roofing.

£3.00 each
6mm Stone House

ACW22 - The Stone House

dims: length 42mm : depth 30mm : height 33mm

Stone clad effect model of Henry Matthews 'Stone House' at Bull Run stream, used as a field hospital during the Civil War.

£3.00 each
6mm McCoull House

ACW23 - McCoull House

dims: length 36mm : depth 28mm : height 30mm

A timber clad model with shingle roofing and brick chimney. The home of Neil McCoull, this house was used as the Confederate HQ by Commander Richard Ewell during the Civil War.

£3.00 each
6mm Robinson House

ACW24 - Robinson House

dims: length 32mm : depth 33mm : height 25mm

Built in the 1840's, this was the Manassas home of James Robinson, and was the scene of both Battles of Bull Run. This timber clad model features timber cladding and shingle roofing.  

£3.00 each
6mm Brotherton Cabin

ACW25 - Brotherton Cabin

dims: length 32mm : depth 25mm : height 20mm

The centre of the Confederate breakthrough at Chickamauga, the Brotherton House was a small log cabin standing near the crest of a low ridge.

£2.75 each
6mm Shiloh Church

ACW26 - Shiloh Church

dims: length 52mm : depth 32mm : height 26mm

A timber clad model of Shiloh Methodist meeting house, with shingle roofing and brick chimney stack at rear.

£3.00 each
6mm Dunker Church

ACW27 - Dunker Church

dims: length 35mm : depth 38mm : height 25mm

Built in 1852, this meeting house was on the field of battle at the Battle of Antietam Sept 1862, and the church was used as part of Stonewall Jackson's defensive line.
A small timber clad model with shingle/tile roofing and small brick chimney.

£3.00 each
6mm Bryan House

ACW28 - Bryan House

dims: length 36mm : depth 27mm : height 32mm

This small timber clad model of the farmhouse has tile roofing and a small brick chimney.
Before becoming General Alexander Hay's HQ for the Union 2nd Army Corps, the Bryan Farm, Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg was the home of farmer Abraham Bryan. Union soldiers occupied the farm when the Confederates invaded Pennsylvania in 1863.

£3.00 each
6mm Spotsylvania Courthouse

ACW29 - Spotsylvania Courthouse

dims: length 45mm : depth 26mm : height 40mm

Built in 1840 on the road to Richmond, the Spotsylvania Courthouse was the scene of the second major clash between Robert E Lee & Ulysees S Grant in 1864.
This courthouse model is brick clad and has tile roofing.

£3.25 each
6mm Chancellorville House

ACW30 - Chancellorville House

dims: length 78mm : depth 50mm : height 45mm

An imposing brick mansion on the Orange Turnpike Spotsylvania, Chancellorville House was built in 1816 and used as a tavern before becoming a private residence. It was Gen Joseph Hooker's HQ for the battle, and it was here during the battle that Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded.
This brick clad model has tile roofing and brick chimneys and has been simplified for production but is still imposing at 80mm long and 45mm high.

£5.00 each
6mm Sachs Covered Bridge

ACW31 - Sachs Covered Bridge

dims: length 93mm : depth 20mm : height 25mm

Situated on Waterworks Road, Gettysburg, the 'Saucks' bridge spans Marsh Creek and is around 100ft long and 15ft wide. Both the Confederate and Union armies used the bridge during the Battle of Gettysburg.

£3.50 each
6mm Vicksburg Courthouse

ACW32 - Vicksburg Courthouse

dims: length mm : width mm : height mm

Also known as Warren County Courthouse. One of the main targets in Vicksburg during the Civil War.
This brick clad version has tile roofing and is supplied in two pieces for self assembly.

£5.00 each
6mm Twin Houses Seven Pines

ACW33 - Twin Houses - Seven Pines

dims: length 27mm : depth 27mm : height 33mm

A pair of timber clad houses at Seven Pines, Richmond VA.

£5.00 pair
6mm Gettysburg Station

ACW34 - Gettysburg Train Station

dims: length 66mm : depth 40mm : height 45mm

Simplified representation of Gettysburg Train Station. Brick cladding with tile and sheet roofing.
Is supplied in three pieces for self assembly.

£3.50 each
6mm Elkhorn Tavern

ACW35 - Elkhorn Tavern

dims: length 47mm : depth 33mm : height 30mm

A two floor wood frame building that served as a physical centre for the Battle of Pea Ridge in 1862.
This simplified representation has horizontal timber effect cladding, tile roofing and stone chimneys.

£3.00 each