Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Airports

Airports 6mm Miscellaneous Airfield and Airport buildings

Control Tower

AIR01 - Control Tower

dims: length 51mm : depth 32mm : height 50mm

Modern airport control tower with office or admin facilities. Plain cladding.
Control room is supplied loose.

£3.50 each
Control Tower

AIR02 - Control Tower

dims: length 17mm : depth 17mm : height 60mm

Stand alone control tower.
Plain wall cladding with separate control room. Supplied in two pieces.

£3.00 each
Cargo Terminal

AIR03 -  Cargo Terminal

dims: length 91mm : depth 72mm : height 29mm

A large five-bay cargo terminal - vertical curtain walling and flat roof with rooflights. Five loading doors with full length canopy.

£4.50 each
Car Park

AIR04 -  Multi-storey Car Park

dims: length 75mm : depth 63mm : height 30mm

A three floor multi-storey car park unit. A 'skeleton' structure with ramp to rooftop parking bays.

£4.50 each
Passenger Terminal

AIR05 - Passenger Terminal

dims: length 154mm : depth 70mm : height 50mm

A large, plain clad curved passenger terminal in 30's-60's style, with flat roofing.
Has been 'modernised' with upgraded windows and HVAC units on roof.

£7.00 each

AIR06a - Commuter Terminal module

dims: length 108mm : depth 65mm : height 34mm

A modern style terminal block. It's modular design allows multiple units to be placed end to end to the desired length.
Curtain wall cladding with 'upper wing profile' sloping roof. 

£6.00 each

AIR06b -  Commuter Terminal Entrance module

dims: length 108mm : depth 30mm : height 34mm

A narrow entrance module to fit the rear of the terminal module as shown in the lower image.  Detailed on three faces only.

£4.50 each

AIR06c - Concourse module

dims: length 86mm : depth 33mm : height 26mm

A concourse module designed to fit either at the end or the rear of terminal modules allowing you to expand to your hearts content - as shown in the lower image.

£4.50 each

AIR06d - Walkway module

dims: length 42mm : width 15mm : height 25mm

A small walkway module, fits the terminal and concourse modules as shown in earlier images.

£2.00 each
Control Tower

AIR07 - Control Tower

dims: width 39mm : depth 35mm : height 110mm (approx)

Modern, tall control tower - supplied in three pieces for self assembly.

£5.00 each
Admin module

AIR08 - Modular Admin Block

dims: length 94mm : depth 45mm : height 23mm

A modular administration block, glass and curtain walling with flat roof, stackable to whatever height you require.
Supplied with a separate entrance porch.

£4.00 each