Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Commercial

Commercial 6mm Common properties & structures

Fire Station

COM01 - Fire Station

dims: length 55mm : depth 32mm : height 37mm

Brick effect structure with flat roof. Features three large vehicle access doors on front with one large vehicle access door on rear elevation. Also has door to roof behind front facade.

£3.50 each
Art Deco Cinema

COM02 - Art Deco Cinema

dims: length 72mm : depth 48mm : height 45mm

Classic 'Odeon' style art-deco frontage with brick cladding, tile effect roofing and single doors on either side of rear block.

£3.75 each

COM03 - 60's style Garage with Petrol Pump

dims: length 39mm : depth 24mm : height 23mm

60's style village garage. Brick effect walls with tile roofing. Large double garage doors on front elevation with name board above and small single petrol pump at left side of garage.

£2.75 each
Tudor Public House

COM04 - Tudor Style Public House

dims: length 41mm : depth 24mm : height 34mm

Plain walls with Tudor style panelling. Has pantile style roofing and brick effect chimney. Front elevation features name board over door and a small 'notice board' either side front door.

£3.00 each
Large Hotel

COM05 -  Large Hotel

dims: length 90mm : width 34mm : height 36mm

A large building of brick effect cladding and tiled or slate effect roofing.
Front features steps leading to double doors.

£3.50 each
The Push

COM06 - The Push

dims: length 60mm : depth 46mm : height 33mm

A corner public house, brick and render cladding with tile roofing.
The rear features a small back yard and extension.

£4.25 each
Timber Workshop

COM07 - Timber Workshop

dims: length 35mm : depth 23mm plus canopy: height 31mm

'Rough' timber clad workshop unit with corrugated effect roofing. Double doors on one gable and corrugated canopy along one side.

£3.00 each
Police Station

COM08 - Police Station

dims: length 60mm : depth 28mm : height 40mm

A modern style, three floor Police Station with plain cladding and flat roof.

£3.50 each
Fire Station

COM09 - Fire Station

dims: length 72mm : depth 42mm : height 31mm

Brick clad, modern three bay Fire Station with sheet panel roofing & skylights.

£3.50 each
Ambulance Station

COM10 - Ambulance Station

dims: length 50mm : depth 40mm : height 27mm

Ambulance Station, brick cladding with sheet panel roofing & skylights. Includes 35mm radio mast.

£3.00 each

COM11 - Hospital

dims: length 80mm : depth 40mm : height 40mm

A large modern hospital building - plain curtain walling with flat roof.

£4.50 each
Petrol / Gas Station

COM12 - Petrol/Gas Station

A modern style two piece petrol/gas station.
Pump unit is 32x28x17mm and shop unit is 30x22x11mm

£3.00 set

COM13 - Bank

dims: length 36mm : depth 38mm : height 26mm

A plain concrete clad, two floor unit with flat roofing.

£3.00 each
Corner Office Block

COM14 - Corner Office Block

dims: length 30mm : depth 30mm : height 39mm

A modern style three floor curtain walled corner office block. 

£3.00 each
Office Block

COM15 - Office Block

dims: length 35mm : depth 30mm : height 39mm

Built to compliment COM14, this three floor office block has matching curtain walling, allowing multiple combinations to be attained.

£3.00 each

COM16 - Superstore

dims: length 82mm : depth 56mm : height 28mm

Large brick & curtain wall store with sheet panel roofing and roof vents.

£4.00 each
TV Station

COM17 - TV/Radio Station

dims: length 70mm : depth 34mm : height 37mm (office) - (105mm incl mast)

This modern style office is of brick & curtain walling with flat roof, and comes with a separate 70mm mast & housing to turn it into a TV or radio station.

£4.75 each
Corner Hotel

COM18 - Corner Hotel Block

dims: length 55mm : depth 55mm : height 32mm

Brick clad two storey corner office or hotel block with flat roof and arched corner entrance.

£3.50 each

COM19 - Commercial Nursery Greenhouse

dims: length 68mm : width 35mm : height 21mm

Large glass & aluminium frame effect greenhouse with door on gable.

£3.00 each
2 storey Warehouse

COM20 - Two Storey Warehouse

dims: length 58mm : width 25mm : height 28mm

A two storey timber warehouse with large sliding door in open position. Inspired by a customer conversion of one of my models.

£3.25 each
Timber Storage Shed

COM21 - Timber Storage Shed

dims: length 45mm : depth 33mm : height 25mm

Timber clad storage shed/garage.  Double arched doorways and roof lights.

£3.00 each
Large Garage

COM22 - Large Garage

dims: length 60mm : depth 28mm : height 28mm

Brick garage with sheet metal roofing and skylights and large garage doors on front.
Large signboard over garage doors and smaller signboard over entrance door.

£3.25 each