Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Mideast

MidEast 6mm Middle Eastern desert based structures

Mud Brick Huts

MID01 - Mud Brick Huts

dims: length 19mm : depth 19mm : height 14mm

6 x rough 'mud-brick' finish huts. Single plain door opening and small window opening in other walls.

£3.00 pack
Desert Dwelling

MID02 - Desert Dwelling

dims: length 34mm : depth 25mm : height 15mm

Plain sandy finish, single floor unit with steps leading to flat roof.  Wall effect is 'chipped' to reveal stonework beneath.

£2.75 each
Desert Dwelling

MID03 - Small 2 storey dwelling

dims: length 30mm : depth 27mm : height 25mm

Plain sandy finish. Small tile-roofed lean-to at side and timber doors. Top roof has trapdoor access.

£2.75 each
Desert Dwelling

MID04 - Medium 2 story dwelling

dims: length 36mm : depth 30mm : height 25mm

lain sandy finish, with steps to flat roof and timber doors. Top roof has trapdoor access. features holes for two canopy poles over door.

£3.00 each
Desert Dwelling

MID05 - Large 2 storey dwelling

dims: length 43mm : depth 25mm : height 25mm

Plain sandy finish with steps to flat roof and timber doors. Top roof has trapdoor access.

£3.00 each
Domed Storehouse

MID06 - Domed Storehouse

dims: length 31mm : depth 37mm : height 25mm

Plain sandy finish. Plain arched opening for doorway allowing user to finish as required. Tower roof has trapdoor.

£3.00 each
Traders Store

MID07 - Trader's Store with stall

dims: length 25mm : depth 32mm : height 12mm

2 x single floor units with rough sandy finish to structure, and small tent like canopy at front.

£3.00 pair
Traders Dwelling

MID08 - Small Trader's dwelling

dims: length 40mm : depth 18mm : height 15mm

Single floor unit with plain sandy finish and arched timber door. Tiled roof to side extension, and timber door. Roof ladder to left gable. Features two holes for canopy poles over door.

£2.75 each
Market Stalls

MID09 - Market Stalls

dims: length 23mm : depth 22mm : height 10mm

2 x tent-like canopy with four corner posts, intended for use as market stalls. Plain interior for those clever enough to paint in the detail

£3.00 pair

MID10 - Mosque

dims: length 56mm : depth 44mm : height 40mm

Plain sandy finish. Large plain arched doorway for user to finish as required. Tower has timber access door and is supplied loose.

£3.25 each

MID11 - Apothecary

dims: length 25mm : depth 32mm : height 27mm

Plain sandy finish. Large plain doorway for user to finish as required and two obelisk type pillars to front elevation.

£3.00 each
Grain Store

MID12 - Grain Store

dims: length 53mm : depth 55mm : height 25mm

Plain sandy finish. Large domed grain store with inner courtyard. Courtyard features four arched doorways and high level windows. Plain entrance doorway is mirrored on inner wall.

£3.25 each
Municipal Building

MID13 - Municipal Building

dims: length 47mm : depth 48mm : height 20mm

Large municipal building with courtyard. Plain sandy finish - The entrance has been left plain for user finishing and is mirrored on inner wall.

£3.25 each
Sidi Rezegh Mosque

MID14 - Sidi Rezegh Mosque

dims: length 33mm : depth 33mm : height 30mm

A simplified 'undamaged' representation of the Mosque at Sidi Rezegh. The Mosque was the tomb of an Arab saint and was the scene of some of the action during Operation Crusader in 1941.  Rough render finish over stone cladding.

£3.00 each

MID15 - Obelisks

dims: base 13x13mm : height 47mm

Created for us by the Perfect Six stables, plain finish with engravings on all four sides.

£3.00 pair
Township Temple

MID16 - Township Temple

dims: length 43mm : depth 40mm : height 35mm

Plain rendered building with large open doorway and small room on roof.

£3.00 each
Bakey Unit

MID17 - Upper City Bakery

dims: length 48mm : depth 33mm : height 16mm

Small bakery tile with raised yard steps to flat roof and two external ovens (or kilns if used as a brickworks).

£3.00 each
City Trader Unit

MID18 - City Trader

dims: length 40mm : depth 33mm : height 16mm

A commercial unit tile with small raised yard at front and external steps leading to upper flat roof.

£3.00 each
City Trader Unit

MID19 - City Trader

dims: length 43mm : depth 43mm : height 16mm

A commercial unit with raised yard, surrounded by a small dividing wall and steps leading to upper flat roof area.

£3.00 each
Guard Posts

MID20 - Guard Posts

dims: length 22mm : depth 22m : height 33mm

2 small guard posts. Commonly found inside city walls for city guard patrols.

£2.75 pair
Town House

MID21 - Upper City Townhouse

dims: length 50mm : depth 50mm : height 21mm

Upper city town house tile, twin steps to flat roof, paved yard and front wall/ gateway, small planting area half way up steps.

£3.00 each
Priests Apartment

MID22 - Priest's Apartment

dims: length 44mm : depth 44mm : height 26mm

Plain rendered finish, large open entrance, with paved yard and side door.

£3.00 each

MID23 - Shipyard

dims: length 48mm : depth 46mm : height 22mm

Small rendered unit, open boat house, sloping ramp, with timber strips etc in yard.

£3.00 each
Town House

MID24 - Town House

dims: length 50mm : depth 45mm : height 20mm

Large double fronted town house, plain render walls, flat roof on raised yard.

£3.00 each
Labourers Homes

MID25 - Labourer's Hovels

dims: length 24mm : depth 26mm : height 15mm

Set of four small plain rendered homes flat roofing and timber lean-to.

£3.00 pack

MID26 - Shrines

dims: length 17mm : depth 19mm : height 30mm

Pair of small simple shrines, rendered finish with large doorway.

£2.75 pair
Armoury Workshop

MID27 - Armoury Workshop

dims: length 45mm : depth 35mm : height 27mm

Plain rendered unit with raised yard, small forge on paved yard and canvas cover on flat roof.

£3.00 each
Peasants Homes

MID28 - Peasant's Home

dims: length 20mm : depth 27mm : height 14mm

Set of four small plain rendered homes with timber store/lean-to at rear.

£3.00 pack
Potters Unit

MID29 - Potter's Unit

dims: length 40mm : depth 26mm : height 25mm

Small potters residence/workshop with reed roof and outside kiln on raised platform.

£3.00 each
Traders Shop

MID30 - Trader's Shop

dims: length 28mm : depth 30mm : height 19mm

Plain rendered flat roofed shop unit with large open workshop at side.

£2.75 each
Temple Shrine

MID31 - Temple / Shrine

dims: length 27mm : depth 27mm : height 32mm

Small plain rendered shrine or temple.

£2.75 each
Two storey Housing

MID32 - Two storey Building

dims: length 28mm : depth 28mm : height 28mm

Plain rendered flat roofed two floor simple housing block

£3.00 each
Temple Mount

MID33 - Temple Mount Inner Temple

dims: length 25mm : depth 32mm : height 34mm

Small simplified rendered version of the inner temple at Temple Mount, Jerusalem

£3.00 each
Sumerian House

MID34 - Sumerian Housing

dims: length 32mm : depth 32mm : height 28mm

Typical Sumerian style dwelling. Plain render with tile roofing. Small central area gives the effect of an open central courtyard.

£3.00 each
Desert Fort

MID35 - Desert Fort

Rough render finished desert fort. Comprises six 75mm walls, two half wall sections, three square and one round corner, main gateway, one part rear wall and two wall access steps, and this configuration will give an inner courtyard area of 180mm x 110mm.

£26.00 set

MID36 - Sphinx

dims: length 73mm : depth 22mm : height 28mm

Sphinx - scaled slightly less than 6mm to reduce the overall footprint.

£3.00 each
Bedouin Tents

MID37 - Bedouin Tents

dims: length 37mm : width 30mm : height 11mm

Set of four typical Bedouin style tents. Figures and tree are for display only.

£3.00 pack