Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Military

Military 6mm Army & Air Force structures

MT Workshop

MIL01 - Airfield - MT Workshop

dims: length 67mm : depth 53mm : height 25mm

Timber clad effect walls with corrugated or asbestos roofing - front gable has two large sliding doors in closed position, plus an entrance door.

£3.50 each
Control Tower

MIL02 - RAF Control Tower

dims: length 40mm : depth 35mm : height 22mm

Two floor unit with plain 'render' effect walls, walkway along front with steps at one side.
Flat roof has small hatch in open position with ladder protruding.

£3.00 each
NFE Stores

MIL03 - N.F.E. Stores

dims: length 33mm : depth 25mm : height 20mm

Plain 'render' effect walls with corrugated asbestos roofing. Four windows each side with entrance door on one gable and plain round chimney.

£2.60 each
Generic Block

MIL04 - RAF Generic block

dims: length 48mm : depth 25mm : height 20mm

Plain 'render' effect walls with corrugated asbestos roofing. Six windows each side with entrance door on one gable and plain round chimney.

£2.75 each
Admin Block

MIL05 - RAF Admin block

dims: length 65mm : depth 29mm : height 20mm

Render effect walls with corrugated asbestos effect roofing. Single level office at one side with small lean-to on one gable end.

£3.00 each
Dispersal Huts

MIL06 - Airfield Dispersal Huts

dims: length 30mm : depth 28mm : height 15mm

Pair of timber effect 'Jane' style huts with corrugated asbestos roofing. Small entrance porch and plain round chimney.

£3.00 pair
Canteen Block

MIL07 - RAF Canteen block

dims: length 55mm : depth 25mm : height 20mm

Render effect walls and corrugated asbestos effect roofing. Has small entrance porch and brick chimney on one gable.

£2.75 each
Parachute Store

MIL08 - RAF Parachute Store

dims: length 66mm : depth 36mm : height 30mm

Plain render effect walls with planking effect ventilation/hanging area and corrugated roofing. Double doors on one gable.

£3.50 each
Anti-blast Bay

MIL09 - Anti-Blast Bay

dims: length 64mm : depth 50mm : height 10mm

Small anti-blast bay - paved area with concrete walls and grassed banking.

£2.50 each

MIL10 - Large Concrete Bunker

dims: length 38mm : depth 38mm : height 15mm

Rough concrete finish bunker, features gun slits on two faces, entrance door on third face and fourth face is plain.

£2.75 each

MIL11 - Hexagonal Pillboxes

dims: length 20mm : depth 20mm : height 13mm

Set of six concrete pillboxes with firing slits in five walls and small access door.

£3.00 set
Army Barracks Hut

MIL12 - Army Barracks Hut

dims: length 65mm : depth 25mm : height 16mm

Vertical timber effect hut with corrugated or asbestos roofing. Door on one gable end and six windows on each side.

£2.75 each
Blister Hangar

MIL13a - RAF 'Blister' Aircraft Hangar

dims: length 112mm : depth 70mm : height 25mm

Brick sided structure with corrugated effect gables, roofing and skylights. Doors are in open position - door opening approx 48mm x 14mm. Door gantry is not included.

£4.50 each
Admiralty Hangar

MIL13b - Type S Aircraft Hangar (Admiralty)

dims: length 120mm : depth 80mm : height 28mm

Corrugated sheet panel effect cladding with 'concertina' type doors in part open position in a 60mm x 15mm opening and side door entrances - roofing has 10 skylights and 3 roof vents.

£4.50 each
Luftwaffe Hangar

MIL13c - Luftwaffe Hangar

dims: length 118mm : depth 76mm : height 29mm

Timber clad effect walls and plain 'sanded' roofing on this model. Front opening is 77mm x 20mm high and no doors have been fitted, allowing user to finish as required.

£4.50 each

MIL14 - Hardened Aircraft Shelter

dims: length 90mm : depth 75mm : height 30mm

Large HAS. A hollow unit which will accept 6mm aircraft such as Tornado, Harrier etc.
Includes a pair of reinforced doors and side store with large door.

£5.00 each
nissen hut

MIL15 - 3 window Nissen Hut

dims: length 40mm : depth 26mm : height 15mm

Corrugated Nissen hut with brick gables. Three windows each side and entrance door on one gable - even a fire extinguisher to the left of the door.

£2.75 each
Longues sur mer Battery

MIL16 - Longues-sur-Mer Battery

dims: length 32mm : depth 35mm : height 22mm

Rough concrete finish gun battery, loosely based on one at Longues-sur-Mer. A simple box turret with plastic gun barrel is included, which should be good enough to represent the 152mm naval guns used in such bunkers.

£3.00 each
Photographic Unit

MIL17 - Airfield Photographic Unit

dims: length 62mm : depth 27mm : height 23mm

Nissen hut with brick tower to one gable, and small entrance porch on one side.

£3.00 each
Romney Hut

MIL18 - Romney Hut

dims: length 50mm : depth 25mm : height 15mm

Generic corrugated Romney hut with brick effect base and gables. Has three small windows on each side, single entrance door on one gable and windows on other.

£2.75 each
Supply Dumps

MIL19 - Supply Dumps

dims: roughly 30mm square bases

Set of 4 supply dumps for 6mm, 3 bases consist of assorted crates and oil drums, 1 base consists of assorted crates.

£3.00 set
Atlantic Wall Bunker

MIL20 - Atlantic Wall Bunker

dims: length 54mm : depth 35mm : height 25mm

A plain concrete finish bunker. Front has large gun slit on the lower level and an all-round observation slit on the upper level. The rear has an entrance door at ground level and ladder leading to upper level entrance.

£3.00 each
Fire Control Bunker

MIL21 - Fire Control Bunker

dims: length 53mm : depth 34mm : height 18mm

A rough concrete finish bunker. This one is based on a Fire Control Bunker overlooking the Normandy beaches. Front has two firing & observation slits, rear view has steps leading to entrance opening.

£3.00 each
Fuel Dumps

MIL22 - Fuel Dumps

dims: length 25mm : depth 20mm : height 11mm

Set of four fuel dumps, 2 each of two kinds cast without bases

£3.00 set
Sandbag Defences

MIL23 - Sandbag Defences

Set comprises 2 each of six different sandbag defences including four straights, four curved and four corners all between 22mm and 28mm long and standing roughly 7mm high.

£3.00 each
Luftwaffe Control Tower

MIL24 - Luftwaffe Control Building

dims: length 25mm : width 25mm : height 43mm

A simple brick clad control building with rooftop brick & timber clad watch office. Based on a WW2 German airfield tower.

£2.75 each
Luftwaffe Control Tower

MIL25 -  Luftwaffe Control Tower

dims: length 33mm : width 32mm : height 40mm

A single storey brick clad building with flat roof and a two floor control tower to one side, with small timber boarded watch room on the top.

£2.75 each
Luftwaffe Repair Shop

MIL26 - Luftwaffe Repair Shop

dims: length 30mm : depth 26mm : height 17mm

A brick effect clad, small aircraft repair workshop with corrugated effect roofing, short round chimney and large timber double doors.

£2.50 each
Modern Medical Tent

MIL27 - Army Medical Tent

dims: length 45mm : depth 26mm : height 16mm

Canvas effect ridged medical tent. Canvas covered windows on each side.

£2.75 each
Modern Bio-hazard Tent

MIL28 - Double Medical/Bio-Hazard Tents

dims: length 93mm : depth 28mm : height 16mm

Canvas effect tent, canvas covered windows on each side and entrance on the ends, the central tunnel allows multiple units to be placed together

£3.00 each
Atlantic Wall Bunker

MIL29 - Atlantic Wall Bunker/Battery

dims: length 46mm : width 33mm : height 20mm

Plain concrete render bunker/gun battery.

£3.00 each
Atlantic Wall Gun Battery

MIL30 - Atlantic Wall Gun Battery

dims: length 37mm : width 31mm : height 25mm

Plain concrete render gun battery. Supplied in three pieces and includes simple box turret gun which should represent the 152mm naval guns often used.

£3.00 each
Atlantic Wall Observation tower

MIL31 - Atlantic Wall Observation Tower

dims: length 50mm : width 28mm : height 40mm

Concrete render finish observation tower in the Atlantic Wall style. 

£3.00 each
Atlantic Wall Bunker & gun pit

MIL32 - Atlantic Wall Bunker with AA pit

dims: length 40mm : width 37mm : height 22mm

Concrete render finish bunker with open AA gun pit on roof suitable for a quad 2cm Flakvierling platform.

£3.00 each
Latrine Block

MIL33 - Latrine Block

dims: length 37mm : depth 30mm : height 17mm

A small timber clad latrine unit with corrugated roofing and open effect walk-through on front elevation.

£2.75 each
WW1 Bessoneau Hangar

MIL35 - WW1 Bessoneau Hangar

dims: length 43mm : depth 43mm : height 21mm

A portable strip canvas effect hangar based on the Bessoneau hangars of WW1. (Sopwith Camel for scale only)

£3.25 each
Gun Pits

MIL36 - Gun Pits

dims: length 30mm : depth 35mm : height 10mm

Two concrete gun pits with sandbags around the top.

£3.00 pair

MIL37 - Bunkers

dims: length 32mm : depth 21mm : height 15mm

Two generic, simple concrete bunkers with front firing slit.

£3.00 pair

MIL38 - Atlantic Wall Bunker

dims: length 45mm : depth 36mm : height 17mm

Generic concrete effect bunker with three observation/firing slits.

£3.00 each

MIL39 - Atlantic Wall Bunker

dims: length 38mm : depth 45mm : height 18mm

Concrete effect Atlantic Wall style bunker.

£3.00 each
AA Bunker

MIL40 - Atlantic Wall Bunker

dims: length 38mm : depth 35mm : height 21mm

Concrete effect bunker base with AA gun pit & sandbags

£3.00 each
Command Bunker

MIL41 - Command Bunker

dims: length 50mm : depth 30mm : height 23mm

Plain concrete Command/Observation Bunker

£3.00 each
British WW1 Bunkers

WW101 - 6mm British bunkers

Set of 12 assorted bunkers & pillboxes commonly used by the British during World War I.
Some of these are duplicated in the WWI02 set, as the British captured and re-used many of the bunkers during the conflict.
Consisting of a mixture of concrete effect & stone clad with concrete effect roofing, all but one can be mounted on standard 30mm square bases.
All roofing is plain and can be flocked to give a grassed effect.

£5.00 pack
German WW1 Bunkers

WW102 - 6mm German MEBU's

Set consists of 10 assorted bunkers commonly used by the Germans during World War I.
They consist of a mixture of concrete effect & stone clad with concrete effect roofing, and all but one can be mounted on standard 30mm square bases.
All roofing is plain and can be flocked to give a grassed effect.

£5.00 pack