Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Misc

Misc 6mm miscellaneous scenics that don't fit anywhere specific

Smock Mill

MISC01 - Smock Mill

dims: length 30mm : height 50mm (not including sails)

Timber 'Smock' style mill. Base is plain concrete finish with timber entrance door, timber effect handrail and horizontal timber cladding to main body and timber effect dome.

£4.00 each
Spanish Windmill

MISC02 - Spanish Windmill

dims: length 20mm : height 41mm not including sails

Typical Spanish brick clad mill with lightly distressed render and plank roofing.

£3.50 each
Dutch Windmill

MISC03 - Dutch Windmill

dims: length 25mm : height 47mm not including sails

Dutch style windmill with timber clad lower unit, main body is of rough thatch style cladding as is the top dome.

£3.50 each
Canal Lock

MISC04 - Canal Lock

dims: length 79mm : width 40mm : height 18mm

A re-work of my original canal lock. The model is of stone clad chamber walls with two sets of gates, both in closed position. Depth of chamber is 14mm and distance between gates is 58mm.

£3.25 each
Rorke's Drift

MISC05 - Rourke's Drift

dims: Base size 210mm x 297mm

The iconic Rorke's Drift in 6mm - set includes two buildings, cookhouse and ovens, redoubt, mealie bag & biscuit box walls and formal kraal walls. When completed will fit on an A4 base.

£16.00 each
San Miguel Mission

MISC06 - San Miguel Mission

dims: Base size length 140mm : depth 100mm

Render clad model of San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The model includes the mission house, adobe, fountain and small timber bell housing.

£10.00 each
Water Tank

MISC07 - Water Tank

dims: diameter 19mm : height 32mm

Small timber clad water tank standing on timber frame legs and has a ladder at the rear

£2.75 each