Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Stalingrad

Stalingrad 6mm Iconic Russian WW2 structures

FLour Mill Smoke Stack - undamaged

STA01a - Flour Mill Smoke Stack

dims: length 16mm : depth 16mm : height 86mm

Undamaged brick clad chimney stack in the grounds of the Flour Mill.

£2.50 each
Flour Mill Smoke Stack - damaged

STA01b - Flour Mill Smoke Stack

dims: length 16mm : depth 16mm : height 74mm

Post-battle, damaged version of the Flour Mill smoke stack.

£2.50 each
Flour Mill boiler house

STA02 - Flour Mill Boiler House

dims: length 23mm : depth 13mm : height 17mm

A small brick clad boiler house standing in the grounds of the Flour Mill. The roof shows signs of battle damage.

£2.00 each
Apartment Block

STA03 - Apartment Block

dims: length 32mm : depth 35mm : height 56mm

Common apartment block of the period. Rendered walls and sheet panel roofing with balconies at front. Undamaged but battle damage can be added during casting if requested.

£3.25 each
Pavlov's House

STA04 - Pavlov's House

dims: length 30mm : depth 35mm : height 56mm

Ruins of Pavlov's House - compliments the apartment block (STA03)

£3.00 each
Large Warehouse

STA05 - Large Warehouse

dims: length 90mm : depth 53mm : height 26mm

Large undamaged brick clad triple warehouse with standing seam roofing & skylights.

£4.00 each
Destroyed Warehouse

STA06 - Destroyed Warehouse

dims: length 85mm : depth 35mm : height 32mm

Destroyed brick version of STA05 triple warehouse, with heavy rubble.

£3.75 each

STA07 - Factory

dims: length 70mm : depth 33mm : height 27mm

An undamaged brick clad two floor factory unit with flat roof.

£3.50 each
Destroyed Warehouse

STA08 - Large Destroyed Warehouse

dims: length 100mm : depth 45mm : height 28mm

Part destroyed triple warehouse, brick cladding and sheet roofing, with rubble in destroyed areas

£4.00 each
Flour Mill Runis

STA09 - Flour Mill

dims: length 118mm : depth 44mm : height 70mm

A large destroyed brick clad version of the Flour Mill.  This model is hand made to order, and each one slightly different. Roof gables are supplied loose for user to attach.

£10.00 each