Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Tents

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Ridge Tents

ACC01 - Canvas Ridge Tents

Set of ten canvas effect ridge tents in two sizes
5 at 20mm long x 16mm wide x 10mm high
5 at 24mm long x 17mm wide x 15mm high

£3.25 pack
Bell Tents

ACC12 - Bell Tents

dims: 17mm diameter, 17mm high

A set of ten small canvas effect bell tents.

£3.00 pack
Grecian Tents

GRE14 - Greek Style Tents

dims: length 25mm : width 20mm : height 15mm

A set of five Greek style tents.

£3.00 pack
Medieval Tents

MED11 - Medieval Tents

Set of 5 medieval tents, 1 large square tent at 25mm x 25mm x 20mm high, 2 each small square tents at 20mm x 20mm x 18mm high and 2 round tents at 18mm base diameter x 22mm high.

£3.00 set
Bedouin Tents

MID37 - Bedouin Tents

dims: length 37mm : width 30mm : height 11mm

Set of four Bedouin style tents.

£3.00 pack
Small Roman Tents

ROM07 - Small Roman Tent

dims: length 20mm : width 17mm : height 12mm

Set of eight small typical Roman goatskin style tents.

£3.00 pack
Medium Roman Tents

ROM08 - Medium Roman Tent

dims: length 23mm : width 17mm : height 15mm

Set of six medium typical Roman goatskin style tents.

£3.00 pack
Legionary Tents

ROM09 - Large Legionary Tent

dims: length 25mm : width 20mm : height 20mm

Set of four Roman goatskin legionary tents.

£3.00 pack