Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Bridges

Bridges 6mm Stone and metal crossings

Bailey Bridge

BRI01 - Rail Bridge / Bailey Bridge

dims: length 60mm : depth 27mm : height 14mm

Steel girder effect 'Bailey' style bridge. Width of bridge will just take two rail tracks.
Could also be used as an Army Bailey Bridge or as a road bridge.

£2.75 each
Ludendorff Bridge Piers

BRI02 - Ludendorf Bridge Piers

dims: length 85mm : depth 21mm : height 58mm

The famous Remagen Bridge is represented here in 6mm scale by these stone effect piers and arched approaches.
The set comprises two piers and two arched approaches, shown here unpainted and with a scratch built bridge span - (not included). The bridge is just wide enough for two rail tracks.

£10.00 set
Conde Canal Bridge

BRI03 - Conde Canal Bridge

dims: length 56mm : width 42mm : height - 18mm - (with cantilever 47mm)

Features a stone clad base with plain effect railings. Roadway is plain with paved area on either side of ends. To suit max canal width of 35mm narrowing to 20mm under bridge.
Cantilever assembly is supplied loose so could be used with or without. (Battle of Mons, World War One)

£4.00 each
Culvert Bridge

BRI04 - Culvert Bridge

dims: length 40mm : width 23mm : height 12mm - (road width 18mm)

A small single arch culvert bridge, with stone cladding and plain 'roadway'.
To fit 'water' up to 21mm wide.

£2.75 each
Double Stone arch Bridge

BRI05 - Double Stone Bridge

dims: length 82mm : width 30mm : height 19mm (road width 17mm)

A generic twin arched stone clad bridge for water up to 55mm maximum span.
Arches are roughly 22mm wide.

£3.25 each
Arched Iron Bridge

BRI06 - Arched Iron Bridge

dims: length 87mm : width 25mm : height 22mm (road width 18mm)

An 'iron' effect arched bridge.
Bridge has a road width of around 18mm or will take one rail track.

£3.25 each
Triple Arch Bridge

BRI07 - Triple Arch Bridge

dims: length 120mm : width 22mm : height 20mm (road width 14mm)

A stone effect triple arched bridge spanning water up to 80mm wide.

£3.50 each