Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Napoleonic

Napoleonic Iconic structures in 6mm

La Haye Sainte

NAP01 - La Haye Sainte

Complete model of La Haye Sainte - will fit on a 125mm x 125mm base.
Slightly distressed rendered walls and tile roofing.
Consists of three buildings - farmhouse, barn and stables, the gateway and a wall set which incorporates the piggery.

£15.00 set
Mont St Jean

NAP02 - Mont St Jean Farm

dims: fits a base length 174mm : depth 125mm

A rendered stone effect representation of Mont St Jean farm, Belgium, consisting of the following pieces:
Front with entrance gate & tower - 105x20x38 : Barn - 88x35x33 : Farmers House - 48x22x28 : Main Court - 82x20x23 : Outbuilding - 37x20x22 : Small Left Gate - 10x8x15 : Well - 10x10x18 - plain cladding with 'grassed' roof. : Small barn porch - (use is optional)

£20.00 set

NAP03 - Papelotte Farm

dims: fits a base of length 155mm : depth 120mm

This brick clad representation of Papelotte farm consists of 5 main pieces, plus two roofing options for the front, and fits on a 155 x 120 tile.
Front - 86x22x27 : Farmhouse - 50x32x36
Barn - 105x40x33
Rear Stable Block - 96x36x26
Right Outbuilding - 57x22x26
Ridged roof option : Belvedere Roof option

£21.00 set

NAP04 - Hougoumont

dims: length 295mm : overall width 210mm

This Hougoumont set comprises 10 buildings and the main wall set.
It does not include walls for the orchard/ formal garden

£36.00 set
Wall Blanks

NAP04a - Hougoumont Orchard Wall Set

dims: length 100mm height 13mm

A set of eight wall blanks suitable for Hougoumont orchard/formal garden

£4.00 set
Borodino Church

NAP05 - Borodino Church

dims: length 95mm : depth 28mm : height 65mm

This model is a simplified representation of Borodino church, and features plain rendered walls and sheet panel roofing.

£5.50 each
LaHaule Manor

NAP06 - Fortified Manor House

dims: length 55mm : depth 32mm : height 44mm

Large Manor House - stone walling with tile effect roofing and stone chimneys. Windows are blank for user to finish as desired.
Based loosely on La Haule Manor House, France.

£3.75 each
Plancenoit Church

NAP09 - Plancenoit Church

dims: length 70mm : depth 25mm : height 56mm

This version of Plancenoit Church features stone cladding and tile/slate roofing.

£3.75 each

NAP10 - Frichermont Chateau

dims: length 73mm : depth 78mm : height 58mm

A fictional representation of Frichermont Chateau.
The outer face has been reproduced from an existing line print of the building, but as there is little information available regarding the interior, a certain amount of artistic licence has been used to portray the interior faces using existing buildings of the period.

£7.25 each
La Belle Alliance

NAP11 - La Belle Alliance

dims: length 72mm : width 30mm : height 35mm

A small footprint version of La Belle Alliance - has brick cladding with tiled roofing and shuttered windows.

£4.50 each
La Haie Farm

NAP12 - La Haie Farm

dims: fits a board length mm x depth mm

A fictional representation of La Haie Farm - brick walls and tile roofing. Set comprises four buildings and wall set including gate.

£15.00 set