Leven Miniatures - 6mm Resin cast scenics : Railway

Railway 6mm station & trackside structures

Straight Track

RAIL01 - Straight track

dims: length 60mm : depth 10mm : height 1.5mm

10 x straight single resin tracks on a thin base. Track suits 6mm metal rolling stock available elsewhere. Pack will make total length of track approx 600mm

£3.00 pack
Curved Track

RAIL02 - Curved Track

dims: length 65mm : depth 10mm : height 1.5mm

10 x curved single resin tracks on a thin base. Track suits 6mm metal rolling stock available elsewhere. Total length of track approx 600mm

£3.00 pack

RAIL03a - Points Pack

dims: length 65mm : depth 24mm : height 1.5mm

Single resin track points on a thin base. Track suits 6mm metal rolling stock available elsewhere. Set consists of two left and two right points.

£2.00 pack

RAIL03b - Junction Pack

dims: length 65mm : height 1.5mm

Single resin track junctions, crossover and buffers on a thin base. Track suits 6mm metal rolling stock available elsewhere. Set consists of two each Y junction type 1, Y junction type 2, crossover and buffers.

£3.00 pack
Signal box

RAIL04 - Line-side Signal Box

dims: length 35mm : depth 22mm : height 27mm

Brick and timber effect line-side signal box with slate roof. Lower half is brickwork and upper half is timber cladding and glass. Brick effect stairs leading to door on gable end and relay boxes at rear.

£2.25 each
Water Tower

RAIL05 - Line-side Water Tower

dims: length 30mm : depth 18mm : height 26mm

Small brick line-side water tower with metal sheet effect tank above. Access door on one gable.

£2.25 each
Booking Office

RAIL06 - Platform Booking Office

dims: length 85mm : depth 24mm : height 26mm

Brick effect structure with slate/tile roofing, canopy between outer units and two brick effect chimneys.

£3.50 each

RAIL07 - Station Platform Section

dims: length 60mm : depth 50mm (incl track) : height 6mm

A platform section of paving slab effect with single length of track, platform sections can be butted together end to end or placed opposite each other for larger stations with two tracks etc, comes with separate steps & ramp that can be placed as desired.

£2.75 set

RAIL08 - Rail-yard Workshops

dims: length 52mm : depth 20mm : height 22mm

Brick effect walls with slate/tile effect roofing and skylights. Three large doors on front elevation and single doors on each gable.

£2.75 each
Yard Stores

RAIL09 - Rail-yard Store

dims: length 26mm : depth 21mm : height 23mm

A small stores/workshop with brick walls and slate/tile roofing and roof vents, double doors ro front.

£2.25 each
Euro Station

RAIL10 - European Style Station

dims: length 46mm : depth 30mm : height 30mm

A stone effect model with plain chimney and tile roofing. The canopy is supplied loose and can be fitted to either side of the building offering a different effect or left off altogether if not required. The side extension has brick effect cladding, and the arched windows include basic mullion detail.

£3.00 each
Engine Shed

RAIL11 - Engine Shed

dims: length 52mm : depth 22mm : height 31mm

Brick effect walls with slate roofing. One gable has large double doors for engine access (as can be seen on the 'carriage works' image). The other gable has entrance door and steps as shown.

£3.00 each
Carriage Works

RAIL12 - Carriage Works

dims: length 52mm : depth 44mm : height 31mm

Brick effect walls with slate roofing. Gable ends have large double doors for carriage access as shown, other gable has entrance door and steps

£3.25 each
Platform Shelters

RAIL13 - Modern Platform Shelters

dims: length 19mm : depth 22mm : height 12mm

Set of four back-to-back open metalwork effect  modern platform shelters with sheet panel roofing.

£2.75 set
Platform Kiosks

RAIL14 - Platform Kiosks

A three piece set of platform kiosks, one large double shop unit and two smaller single units.

£2.75 set
Lamp Huts

RAIL15 - Line-side Lamp Huts

dims: length 11mm : depth 9mm : height 11mm

Set of six line-side lamp huts. Corrugated walls and roofing with roof vent. Small window on one end, plain door on other.

£2.25 set
Tunnel Entrances

RAIL16 - Tunnel Entrances

dims: length 34mm : depth 4mm : height 22mm

Two small tunnel entrances of large stonework effect - arch will comfortably take one rail track.

£2.25 pair
Coaling Station

RAIL17 - Coaling Station & Water Tower

dims: length 42mm : depth 37mm : height 32mm

Brick structure with timber clad water tank and corrugated roofing to coaling plant which has double doors in open position with a canopy over. Canopy will be supplied loose.

£3.25 each
Lineside Huts

RAIL18 - Line-side Huts

dims: length 20mm : depth 16mm : height 15mm

Four general purpose small timber line-side huts with corrugated effect roofing.

£2.75 set
Coal Yard Set

RAIL19 - Coal Yard Set

dims: length 23mm : depth 21mm : height 22mm (Yard Office)

Small three piece coal yard set comprising 3-bay coal staithes, raised lineside coaling platform and small yard office.

£2.75 set

RAIL20 - Footbridge

dims: length 50mm : depth 38mm : height 33mm

A brick & timber effect footbridge, spanning three tracks. Supplied in three pieces for self assembly

£2.75 each
Modern Platform Canopy

RAIL21 - Modern Platform Canopy

dims: length 72mm : depth 22mm : height 16mm

A modern style open framed platform canopy. Comes complete with a 70 x 25 x 6mm platform. (track not included)

£3.00 each
Modern Terminal

RAIL22 - Modern Station Building

dims: length 83mm : depth 52mm : height 35mm

A generic modern styled building that could be used for station, airport or other public venue etc.

£4.50 each